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Title: Sneakers - Musical, Author: Judith Weinstein
Title: Atalanta, Author: Thomas J. Hatton
Title: Frank's Life, Author: Mark Dunn
Title: Anne of Green Gables: A Musical in Two Acts, Author: Joseph Robinette
Title: Dandelion Wine, Author: Ray Bradbury
Title: Cinderella Confidential, Author: Eric Coble
Title: Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp!, Author: Geraldine Ann Snyder
Title: Nine Girls, Author: Wilfrid H. Pettitt
Title: Tales from the Daily Tabloid, Author: Jeanne Murray Walker
Title: Get Witch Quick, Author: David Rogers
Title: Inventing Montana, Author: Jeanne Murray Walker
Title: Murder by Natural Causes, Author: Richard Levinson
Title: Familiar, Author: Kirsten Greenidge
Title: The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle, Author: Elliott Baker
Title: Twits, Author: David Wood
Title: The Moonstone, Author: Wilkie Collins
Title: Quinto Sol, Author: Nicholas A. Patricca
Title: Trial of the Arkansas Bear, Author: William Glennon
Title: Hearts, Author: Willy Holtzman
Title: Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage and Other Plays, Author: Greg Gamble

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