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Title: The Comedy of Errors (Cambridge School Shakespeare Series), Author: William Shakespeare
Title: O Christmas Three!, Author: Doug Larche
Title: Murder on Center Stage, Author: Jerry L. Twedt
Title: Where the Lilies Bloom, Author: Vera Cleaver
Title: Bless Me, Father, Author: Craig Alpaugh
Title: Migrant Farmworker's Son, Author: Silvia Gonzalez
Hardcover $4.58 $6.25 Current price is $4.58, Original price is $6.25.
Title: Magic Theatre II Children's Musical Revue, Author: Saundra Mathews-Deacon
Title: Five Nickels, Author: Jack Neary
Title: M*A*S*H: A Novel about Three Army Doctors, Author: Richard Hooker
Title: The Miser, Author: Moliere
Hardcover $4.58 $6.25 Current price is $4.58, Original price is $6.25.
Title: Wild Flowering of Chastity, Author: Dutton Foster
Title: Victoria at 18, Author: Tim J. Kelly
Title: Lady of the Camellias, Author: William Lang
Title: Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Title: Dancing with Strangers, Author: Sandra F. Asher
Title: Lover Boy and Other Plays, Author: Kent R. Brown
Title: Once, in the Time of Trolls, Author: Sandra F. Asher
Title: Oh, What a Tangled Web, Author: John R. Carroll
Title: The Prince and the Pauper: A Musical Comedy, Author: Lewis Hardee
Title: Twelve Angry Women, Author: Reginald Rose

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