Title: Drawing Dark Fantasy: Creating Monsters, Madness, and All Manner of Nightmarish Imagery, Author: Steve Beaumont
Title: How to Draw Trees, Author: Frank M. Rines
Title: Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators, Author: Ernest W. Watson
Title: Composition: Understanding Line, Notan and Color, Author: Arthur Wesley Dow
Title: Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure, Author: Edouard Lanteri
Title: Composition: The Anatomy of Picture Making, Author: Harry Sternberg
Title: The Materials and Methods of Sculpture, Author: Jack C. Rich
Title: The Figure in Composition, Author: Paul G. Braun
Title: Light, Shade and Shadow, Author: E. L. Koller
Title: Dynamic Animal Drawing, Author: Arthur Zaidenberg
Title: Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting, Author: Edgar A. Whitney
Title: Drawing Drapery from Head to Toe, Author: Cliff Young
Title: Sketching Outdoors, Author: Leonard Richmond
Title: Light and Shade: A Classic Approach to Three-Dimensional Drawing, Author: Mrs. Mary P. Merrifield
Title: Perspective for Artists, Author: Rex Vicat Cole
Title: Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques, Author: Ruth Leaf
Title: The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry, Author: Jay Hambidge
Title: Drawing Hands: With Over 1000 Illustrations, Author: Victor Perard
Title: The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals, Author: Fredric Sweney
Title: Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design, Author: Dorr Bothwell

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