Title: Ghost Story
Title: Gunga Din
Director: George Stevens
Title: Sinbad the Sailor
Title: Little Caesar
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Title: The Young in Heart
Title: The Dawn Patrol
Director: Howard Hawks
Title: The Corsican Brothers
Title: Joy of Living
Director: Tay Garnett
Title: Our Modern Maidens
Director: Jack Conway
Title: Accused
Title: Union Depot
Director: Alfred E. Green
Title: Parachute Jumper
Director: Alfred E. Green
Title: That Lady in Ermine
Title: Love is a Racket
Director: William Wellman
Title: Morning Glory
Director: Lowell Sherman
Title: It's Tough to Be Famous
Title: The Rage of Paris
Director: Henry Koster
Title: I Like Your Nerve
Director: William McGann
Title: The Power of the Press
Title: Chances
Director: Allan Dwan

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