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Title: New Beginnings by T. M. Hawn, Author: T. M. Hawn
Title: The Deplorables of Alpha Company 2/504th PIR, Author: Nicholas Magliozzi
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Title: Life's Journey: A Young Italian Peasant in 1899 Travels to South Philadelphia Searching for a Better Life and Love, Author: Josephine B. Pasquarello
Title: Daniel: The Boy the Government Wanted to Kill, Author: William Arcadipane
Title: Boss, Author: L.D. Miranda
Title: Caught in the Eye of the Storm: Fear, Dissension, and Insurrection in the Philippines, December 1989, Author: David L. Mathews
Title: The Shots at Iron Mountain: A Story of Two Men - Tom Horn and Geronimo, Author: Jiri Cernik
Title: Cadhla: Only You, Author: Lynn Bernard
Title: Memoir: Reasons Why I Left the Amish Community, Author: Sam Miller
Title: Red Dawn 1984: Democracy versus Communism, Author: J.R. D'Angelo
Title: Lessons of the Past: Rebirth, Author: Rueben R. Ziemer
Title: A Change in Course, Author: JD Cline
Title: Alabama Crimson Tide: 1967 and the Undercurrents of Integration, Author: Andrew Pernell
Title: Upside Down Man, Author: August Moor
Title: Flyin' Kai: A Pelican's Tale, Author: Duncan P. Forgey
Title: Underpowered Hero, Author: Jacob Kelly
Title: It Whispers..., Author: Ariella C.
Title: A Secret Lies in New Orleans, Author: Ron Wallace
Title: Drop, Author: G. S. Dunn
Title: He Knows My Name: Series: Portrait of a Lady: Part I, Author: Raven Day McShane

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