Title: Todd's Bed Time Stories, Author: Mr. Clark Dillon Jr
Title: Bible Word Search Puzzles: Increase Your Knowledge of the Bible in a Fun Way!, Author: Karen Sue Adkins
Title: Getting My Affairs in Order: A Promiscuous Bipolar Female, Author: Jan Stephenson
Title: Single Mother: Don't Quit, Author: Patricia Ann Burton
Title: The Necklace of Zedan, Author: Mark Greenlaw
Title: Looking Back at Cerro Gordo, Author: Robert Likes
Title: The Time Travelers Tales: The Short Stories: Volume 1, Author: C. Bryan Koltes
Title: Vietnam Beyond, Author: Gerald E. Augustine
Title: Un-Natural Childbirth: The Truth about Childbirth as Told by a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Author: Annabelle Smith
Title: Blood Feud, Author: Daniel Harris
Title: A Change in Course, Author: JD Cline
Title: Elbows Deep in Idaho Potatoes, Author: George B. Graham Jr.
Title: Spanning the Miles: A Story of Lasting Love from WWII, Author: Beverly J. Graves
Title: Jay McCall, Author: Wayne Zest Bailey
Title: Navy Surgeon: Vietnam, Author: William J. Walsh
Title: Noble Causes, Author: Don C. Burns
Title: On Being Old: with Acceptance and Gratitude, Author: Mary Jo MacIntyre
Title: The Isle of the Dragon, Author: Rolf Stibbe
Title: New Jersey Mob: Memoirs of a Top Cop, Author: Bob Buccino
Title: A Dog Named Chilli, Author: Mark Chartrand

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