Title: Shake a Crooked Town, Author: Dan Marlowe
Title: The Woman Chaser, Author: Charles Willeford
Title: Join Our Gang?, Author: Sterling E. Lanier
Title: The White Squall, Author: John Conroy Hitcheson
Title: Farewell to the Master, Author: Harry Bates
Title: La Desheredada, Author: Benito Perez Galdos
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Title: Wyn's Camping Days, Author: Amy Bell Marlowe
Title: The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale, Author: Laura Lee Hope
Title: On the Spanish Main, Author: John Masefield
Title: The Whip Hand, Author: Charles Willeford
Title: The Safety Pin, Author: J. S. Fletcher
Title: At the Foot of the Rainbow, Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Title: The Count of Monte Cristo, Author: Dons Ebooks
Title: Venus in India, Author: Charles Devereaux
Title: The Sunday Pigeon Murders, Author: Craig Rice
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Title: The Scottish Chiefs, Author: Jane Porter
Title: Law of the Trigger, Author: Clifton Adams
Title: Hidden Trails, Author: William Patterson White
Title: The Pride of Palomar, Author: Peter B. Kyne
Title: A Gentleman of France, Author: Stanley J. Weyman

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