Title: Universal Soldier
Director: Roland Emmerich
Title: Masters of the Universe
Title: The Punisher
Director: Mark Goldblatt
Title: Hard Night Falling
Director: Giorgio Bruno
Title: The Tracker
Director: Giorgio Serafini
Title: The Minion
Director: Jean-Marc Piche
Title: One in the Chamber
Title: Shark Lake
Director: Jerry Dugan
Title: Acceleration
Title: Dark Angel
Director: Craig R. Baxley
Title: Showdown in Little Tokyo
Title: Red Scorpion
Director: Joseph Zito
Title: War Pigs
Director: Ryan Little
Title: Universal Soldier: Regeneration
Title: Skin Trade
Title: Black Water
Director: Pasha Patriki
Title: The Package
Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Title: Kindergarten Cop/Kindergarten Cop 2
Title: Altitude
Director: Alex Merkin
Title: Riot
Director: John Lyde

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