Title: How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live with, Author: Clarice Rutherford
Title: On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, Author: Turid Rugaas
Title: When Pigs Fly - Training Success With Impossible Dogs, Author: Jane Killion
Title: Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs, Author: Jean Donaldson
Title: Canine Enrichment for the Real World: Making It a Part of Your Dog's Daily Life, Author: Allie Bender
Title: Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet Speak Deciphered for the Non Veterinarian, Author: Jennifer Coates DVM
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Title: From the Ground Up Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs, Author: Kim Collins
Title: Mine! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs, Author: Jean Donaldson
Title: Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Author: Malena Demartini-Price
Title: Canine Enrichment for the Real World, Author: Allie Bender
Title: Play with Your Dog, Author: Pat Miller
Title: Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0: New Practical Techniques For Fear, Frustration, and Aggression, Author: Grisha Stewart
Title: On Talking Terms With Dogs - Calming Signals, 2nd Edition, Author: Turid Rugaas
Title: Living with a Deaf Dog: A Book of Training Advice, Facts and Resources about Canine Deafness Caused by Genetics, Aging, Illness, Author: Susan Cope Becker
Title: Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas, Author: Robert A Kainer
Title: Get the Ball Rolling: A Step by Step Guide to Training for Treibball, Author: Dianna Stearns
Title: Remember Me? Loving and Caring For a Dog With Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, Author: Eileen Anderson
Title: Mine!: A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs, Author: Jean Donaldson
Title: Versatile Vizsla, Author: Marion I Coffman
Title: The Dog Trainer's Resource 3: The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Collection, Author: Adrienne Hovey

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