Title: My Army, O, My Army! and Other Songs (Dodo Press), Author: Henry Lawson
Title: The Bride of Messina, and on the Use of the Chorus in Tragedy, Author: Friedrich Schiller
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Title: Crocker's Hole, And Frida; Or, The Lover's Leap, Author: R. D. Blackmore
Title: On The Choice Of Books, Author: Thomas Carlyle
Title: Ballads Of Lost Haven, Author: Bliss Carman
Title: Birds And Bees, Sharp Eyes And Other Papers, Author: John Burroughs
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Title: The Perfect Gentleman, Author: Ralph Bergengren
Title: The Young Woodsman; Or, Life In The Forests Of Canada, Author: J. Mcdonald Oxley
Title: Some Roundabout Papers, Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Title: The Daughter Of The Chieftain, Author: Edward S. Ellis
Title: Six Months At The Cape, Author: Robert Michael Ballantyne
Title: Little Sister Snow (Illustrated Edition), Author: Frances Little
Title: The Debatable Case of Mrs. Emsley, and The Holocaust of Manor Place, Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Title: A Dream Of The North Sea (Illustrated Edition), Author: James Runciman
Title: Jack North's Treasure Hunt; Or, Daring Adventures In South America, Author: Roy Rockwood
Title: The Prairie Chief, Author: Robert Michael Ballantyne
Title: A Pair Of Clogs (Illustrated Edition), Author: Amy Walton
Title: Sunshine Bill, Author: W. H. G. Kingston
Title: Jack Mason, The Old Sailor (Illustrated Edition), Author: Francis C. Woodworth
Title: The Wrack Of The Storm, Author: Maurice Maeterlinck

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