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Title: Conjure in African-American Society, Author: Jeffrey Anderson
Title: Electrochemical and Mass Spectrometric Investigations of Biological Molecules, Author: Maurice Thompson
Title: Tomographic Two-phase Flow Measurement Using Compton Scattering of Gamma Rays, Author: David Bodette
Title: Consequences of Child Abuse for an Early Onset of Juvenile Delinquency: A Prospective Cohort Study, Author: Suman Kakar
Title: 13-Dipolar Cycloadditions of Fluorinated Allenes and Studies of Fluorinated Trimethylenemethanes, Author: Conrad Burkholder
Title: Pressure Measurement and Flowfield Characterization of a Two-dimensional Ideally Expanded Constant Area Air/air Ejector, Author: Michael Benjamin
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Title: The Microsecond Pulsed Glow Discharge: Developments in Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry and Atomic Emission Spectrometry, Author: Eric Oxley
Title: Engineering the AAV Vector for Enhanced Tumor Targeting, Author: Yuan Lu
Title: Burning Brick: A Study of a Lowcountry Industry, Author: Lucy Wayne
Title: Language and the Manipulation of Teen Women's Identity: Creating Deficiency, Subverting Agency and Devaluing Teen Women's Personhood on the Multiple Levels of Discourse in Teen Women's Magazines, Author: Addie Sayers China
Title: Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of the Molybdate-dependent Expression of HYC Operon in Escherichia Coli, Author: William Self
Title: A Survey of Genetic Counseling Professionals in the Southeastern United States: Actual Versus Perceived Roles, Author: Delores James
Title: Newness and Imputed Accuracy of Management Forecasts: An Empirical Investigation, Author: Robert Beshara
Title: Delayed Coincidence Spectroscopy of Fission Fragment Excited Gases, Author: George Shipman
Title: Evaluation and Response of Aged Flexible Airfield Pavements at Ambient Temperatures Using the Falling Weight Deflectometer, Author: Charles Manzione
Title: Occupations and Compensating Wages for Unemployment Risk, Author: Cynthia Stephens
Title: Reading Contingencies: Marian Figuration in Middle English Literature, Author: Teresa Reed
Title: Peer Rejection Rates and Perceived Social Competence Among Elementary-school Children Who Display Reactive and Combined Reactive and Proactive Aggressive Behaviors, Author: Gary Matloff
Title: Two-stage Genome Search Design in Affected-sib-pair Method, Author: Chi-Hse Teng

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