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Title: De-Trumping U.S. Foreign Policy: Can Biden Bring America Back?, Author: Stanley R. Sloan
Title: Bearing Society in Mind: Theories and Politics of the Social Formation, Author: Samuel A Chambers
Title: The Road to Ukraine: How the West Lost its Way, Author: Frank Furedi Pre-Order Now
Title: Disruption in Financial Reporting: A Post-pandemic View of the Future of Corporate Reporting, Author: Krish Bhaskar
Title: Making Nonprofit News: Market Models, Influence and Journalistic Practice / Edition 1, Author: Patrick Ferrucci
Title: Disrupting Investigative Journalism: Moment of Death or Dramatic Rebirth?, Author: Amanda Gearing
Title: Martial Arts Studies: Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries, Author: Paul Bowman Professor of Cultural Studies at Cardiff University
Title: Italy beyond Gomorrah: Roberto Saviano and Transmedia Disruption, Author: Floriana Bernardi
Title: What Lies Between: Void Aesthetics and Postwar Post-Politics, Author: Matt Tierney
Title: Word: Beyond Language, Beyond Image, Author: Mariam Motamedi Fraser Reader in Sociology at Goldsmiths
Title: Disrupting Sports Journalism, Author: Simon McEnnis
Title: Data Journalism and the Regeneration of News, Author: Taylor & Francis Pre-Order Now
Title: Digital Innovations and the Production of Local Content in Community Radio: Changing Practices in the UK, Author: Josephine F. Coleman
Title: Reappraising Local and Community News in the UK: Media, Practice, and Policy, Author: David Harte
Title: Culture and Eurocentrism, Author: Qadri Ismail Associate Professor of English at the University of Minnesota
Title: Responsible Drone Journalism, Author: Astrid Gynnild
Title: Making Nonprofit News: Market Models, Influence and Journalistic Practice, Author: Patrick Ferrucci Pre-Order Now
Title: Conceptualising Immersive Journalism / Edition 1, Author: Ana Luisa Sánchez Laws
Title: Hacking Gender and Technology in Journalism / Edition 1, Author: Sara De Vuyst
Title: Hyperlocal Journalism and Digital Disruptions: The journalism change agents in Australia and New Zealand, Author: Scott Downman

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