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Title: Paris Notebook, Author: Roger Williams
Title: Early Kingdoms of the Indonesian Archipelago and the Malay Peninsula, Author: Paul Michel Munoz
Title: London Notebook, Author: Graham Byfield
Title: Gardens of Paris Sketchbook, Author: Fabrice Moireau
Title: Florence Sketchbook, Author: Fabrice Moireau
Title: King Bhumibol Adulyadej: A Life's Work, Author: Nicholas Grossman
Title: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: Campfire Conversations with Alfred Russell Wallace, Author: Paul Sochaczewski
Title: The Soul of Malaya, Author: Henri Fauconnier
Title: Dancing On Thin Ice, Author: Marina Mahathir
Title: From Identity to Mondialisation: TheatreWorks 25, Author: TheatreWorks
Title: NUS Baba House: Architecture and Artefacts of a Straits Chinese Home, Author: Peter Lee
Title: Rimbaud in Java: The Lost Voyage, Author: Jamie James
Title: A Call to Action: Thailand and the Sustainable Development Goals, Author: Will Baxter
Title: The French in Singapore: An Illustrated History (1819-Today), Author: Maxime Pilon
Title: Thailand: A Traveller's Companion, Author: Various Authors
Title: Architecture of Bali: A Sourcebook of Traditional and Modern Forms, Author: Made Wijaya
Title: Through the Lens of Lee Kip Lin: Photographs of Singapore 1965-1995, Author: Lee Kip Lin
Title: Fluxion: Kumari Nahappan: Art & Thoughts, Author: T. K. Sabapathy
Title: Creating the 20th Century: 100 Artists, Writers and Thinkers, Author: Ara Guler
Title: Malaya 500 Early Postcards, Author: Cheah Jin Seng

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