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Title: The House of Ptolemy, Author: Edwyn R. Bevan
Title: The Amazons (Illustrated), Author: Guy Cadogan Rothery
Title: A Short History of Prussia, Author: John Abbott
Title: A Short Introduction to the First Nicene Council, Author: Johann von Mosheim
Title: A Short History of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Author: Arthur Holland
Title: Black Death A.D. 1348-1349, Author: Francis Gasquet
Title: The Holy Roman Empire, Author: Bayard Taylor
Title: The Age of Philip II and the Supremacy of the Spanish Empire, Author: William Prescott
Title: The Age of Charles V and the Supremacy of the House of Habsburg, Author: Thomas Henry Dyer
Title: The Notting Hill Mystery, Author: Charles Felix
Title: The Mysterious Stranger (Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth), Author: Mark Twain
Title: The History of Assyria, Author: Robert William Rogers
Title: A History of Greece to the death of Alexander the Great (Volume I of II), Author: J.B. Bury
Title: Medieval Socialism, Author: Bede Jarrett
Title: The Punic Wars, Author: R. Bosworth Smith
Title: Life on a Medieval Barony (Illustrated), Author: William Stearns Davis
Title: Medieval Europe, Author: Henry Davis
Title: Constantine the Great, Author: John B. Firth
Title: A History of the Germanic Empire, Author: S.A. Dunham
Title: The Wives of Henry VIII, Author: Martin Hume

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