Title: Ole Country Road Hopper Toad, Author: Frances Caudill
Title: The Chris Moose Christmas Story, Author: Cecil Holt
Title: The Flying House Saves Christmas, Author: Reid Cunningham
Title: Perfectly Me!, Author: L. V. Zavala
Title: Alissa and Her Clever Dog
Title: Don't Lose Your Cool, Author: Dana Coats Mabry
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Title: Jinxie's First Christmas, Author: MaryAnthi Dielmann
Title: What Happens to Numbers 1 to 10?: Let'S Have Fun Counting Numbers., Author: Agnola Charles-Snowball
Title: A Day on the Farm, Author: Sandy Cee
Title: Say No! to Satan, Author: Terri Ketterling
Title: Geraldine Giraffe, Author: Doreen Joyce Garside
Title: Snowball, Author: Deborah Hunter
Title: Alissa and Her Clever Dog, Cyber: Book 1: War Driving, Author: Mathew Conger
Title: The Princess and the Dragon, Author: Stephanie Ellis
Title: Thomas the Sand Eater, Author: Anthony Belgrave Dixon
Title: A Garden for Esmee, Author: Sue-Ellen Cooper Hendrix
Title: Oliver's Adventures, Author: Brenda Harrison
Title: My Seven Favorite Colors, Author: Daysharee Vallier
Title: Mr. Pickles Is President!, Author: Bertha Phillips
Title: The Magical World of Dillydot, Author: Selma McDizzy

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