Title: Who Was Alexander Hamilton?, Author: Pam Pollack
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Title: Where Were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?, Author: Yona Z. McDonough
Title: Who Was Mister Rogers?, Author: Diane Bailey
Title: Who Was Maya Angelou?, Author: Ellen Labrecque
Title: What Was the Great Depression?, Author: Janet B. Pascal
Title: Who Is Sonia Sotomayor?, Author: Megan Stine
Title: What Were the Salem Witch Trials?, Author: Joan Holub
Title: Who Was Jacques Cousteau?, Author: Nico Medina
Title: Who Is Oprah Winfrey?, Author: Barbara Kramer
Title: Who Was Rachel Carson?, Author: Sarah Fabiny
Title: Who Was Catherine the Great?, Author: Pam Pollack
Title: Who Is Pope Francis?, Author: Stephanie Spinner
Title: Who Was Leif Erikson?, Author: Nico Medina
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Title: Where Is the Kremlin?, Author: Deborah Hopkinson
Title: Where Is the Congo?, Author: Megan Stine
Title: Who Was Julia Child?, Author: Geoff Edgers
Title: Who Is the Dalai Lama?, Author: Dana Meachen Rau
Title: Who Is Hillary Clinton?, Author: Heather Alexander

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