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Title: North American Ghost Music, Artist: Shannon McNally
Title: Rare & Unissued Masters 1941-1952, Artist: Muggsy Spanier
Title: Funky Butt, Artist: Arnett Cobb
Title: New Orleans Jazz Man and Raconteur, Artist: Danny Barker
Title: Coronary Trombossa!, Artist: Bill Watrous
Title: La Zorra, Artist: Bill Watrous
Title: Plucking and Bowing, Artist: George Mraz Trio
Title: Traveling, Artist: Chuck Wayne
Title: In the Land of Beginning Again, Artist: The EarRegulars
Title: Plays Harry Warren, Artist: Johnny Guarnieri
Title: Swinging Young Scott, Artist: Scott Hamilton Quintet
Title: Rare & Unissued Masters, Vol. 1: 1943-45, Artist: Bunk Johnson
Title: New Orleans Rendezvous, Artist: David Paquette
Title: Miles and Miles of Swing, Artist: The Butch Miles Sextet
Title: Flipenstein, Artist: Flip Phillips
Title: Plays, Sings & Reminisces, Artist: Creole George Guesnon
Title: Rare & Unissued Masters 1945-1949, Artist: Wooden Joe Nicholas
Title: Empress of the Blues, Artist: Olive Brown
Title: Get Real, Artist: Billy Jonas
Title: San Jacinto Hall 1954, Artist: Barnes-Bocage Big Five

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