Title: Jukebox Hits: 1930-1950, Artist: Cab Calloway
Title: Greatest Hits 1946-1953, Artist: Dinah Washington
Title: Jukebox Hits, Artist: Erskine Hawkins
Title: Mississippi Rockers, Artist: Jimmy Wages
Title: Can't Hardly Stand It!, Artist: Charlie Feathers
Title: Sings the Blues Sessions, Artist: Jimmy Witherspoon
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Title: Bald Headed Blues, Artist: Eddie
Title: Texas Hillbilly: The Best of Macy's Hillbilly Recordings, Artist:
Title: Jukebox Hits, Artist: Lionel Hampton
Title: Welcome to the Club [El Toro], Artist:
Title: Goodness, It's Eddie Fontaine!, Artist: Eddie Fontaine
Title: Rock, Artist: The Treniers
Title: 1947-1955, Artist: The Orioles
Title: If You Want It Enough 1956/59, Artist: The Burnette Brothers
Title: 1947-1949, Artist: Todd Rhodes
Title: 1950-1951, Artist: Todd Rhodes
Title: 1952-1954, Artist: Todd Rhodes
Title: 1934-1947, Artist: Tiny Bradshaw
Title: 1953-1954, Artist: Ray Charles
Title: Back to Back Baritones, Artist: Leo Parker & Sax Gill

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