Title: Coal Miner's Daughter
Director: Michael Apted
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Title: My Boss's Daughter Pre-Order Now
Title: The Devil's Daughter Pre-Order Now
Title: The General's Daughter
Director: Simon West
Title: First Daughter
Director: Forest Whitaker
Title: The Farmer's Daughter
Title: Not without My Daughter
Title: Ryan's Daughter
Director: David Lean
Title: To the Devil, a Daughter
Title: Coal Miner's Daughter/Smokey & the Bandit/Best Little Whorehouse in Texas/Fried Green Tomatoes
Title: Daughter of the Wolf
Director: David Hackl
Title: Friend Green Tomatoes/Coal Miner's Daughter
Title: The Blackcoat's Daughter
Title: Daughter of Dracula
Title: Satan's School For Lust / Satan's Daughter
Title: Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
Title: Daughter of the Nile
Title: In the Name of My Daughter
Title: Marco Spada or The Bandit's Daughter (The Bolshoi Ballet)
Title: Bloody Daughter

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