Title: The Enemy's Daughter, Author: Linda Turner
Title: A Daughter's Redemption, Author: Georgiana Daniels
Title: Daughter of Fortune, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Still Harping on my Daughter, Author: Marc S Silver
Title: Your Mommy's My Daughter, Author: Marilyn Bricklin Lebovitz
Title: Lipsi's Daughter, Author: Patty Apostolides
Title: Mother Daughter Me, Author: Katie Hafner
Title: Daughter of the Cold War: A Memoir, Author: Grace Kennan Warnecke
Title: Daughter of the King, Author: Christi Given
Title: Dagda's Daughter (Raven and Hummingbird, #2), Author: nikki broadwell
Title: The Farmer's Daughter, Author: P.J. Lowry
Title: Letters to My Daughter (2nd Edition), Author: Peter Pauper Press Inc
Title: The Scholar and the Farmer's Daughter, Author: Rebecca A. Demarest
Title: A Motherless Daughter, Author: Charlotte S. Sundberg
Title: A Daughter of the Land (1918),by Gene Stratton Porter (Fine Classics), Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Title: Motherless Daughter, Author: Marvell M. Gales
Title: The Blacksmith's Daughter, Author: Suzanne Adair
Title: Mother Daughter Wisdom, Author: Christiane Northrup M.D.
Title: Mad Tinker's Daughter (Twinborn Chronicles, #4), Author: J. S. Morin
Title: The Assassin's Daughter (The Inheritance Proclamation, #1), Author: Jameson C. Smith

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