Title: Christmas with the King's Singers, Artist: King's Singers
Title: The Johnstons/Give a Damn/The Barley Corn, Artist: The Johnstons
Title: Life Between Islands: Soundsystem Culture: Black Musical Expression in the UK 1973-2006, Artist:
Title: Silver Dream Racer [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], Artist: David Essex
Title: Joy Unlimited, Artist: Harry Beckett
Title: Bitter Green/Colours of the Dawn/If I Sang My Song, Artist: The Johnstons
Title: Acropolis, Artist: Ian Hamer
Title: John Cage: Solos for Voice 93-96, Artist: Electric Phoenix
Title: British Fantasies - American Dreams, Artist: Nancy Ruffer
Title: Music With Bass Instruments, Artist: Darryl Runswick
Title: Young Man Songs, Artist: Darryl Runswick
Title: Playdreaming, Artist: Darryl Runswick
Title: Cool Brass, Artist: London Sound Collective
Title: Valis: An Opera by Tod Machover, Artist: Tod Machover