Title: Savage Country: A Novel, Author: Robert Olmstead
Title: Cosega Storm, Author: Brandt Legg
Title: The Perilous Adventures of the Cowboy King: A Novel of Teddy Roosevelt and His Times, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: The Totem, Author: David Morrell
Title: The Eyes of the Sphinx: The Newest Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Egypt, Author: Erich von Daniken
Title: We Thought We Knew You: A Terrifying True Story of Secrets, Betrayal, Deception, and Murder, Author: M. William Phelps Pre-Order Now
Title: The Jensen Brand, Author: William W. Johnstone
Title: Frank and Al: FDR, Al Smith, and the Unlikely Alliance That Created the Modern Democratic Party, Author: Terry Golway
Title: The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tales of Life on the Road, Author: Finn Murphy
Title: Fire on the Mountain, Author: Edward Abbey
Title: Everyday Chaos: Technology, Complexity, and How We're Thriving in a New World of Possibility, Author: David Weinberger
Title: Die by the Gun, Author: William W. Johnstone
Title: Too Soon to Die, Author: William W. Johnstone
Title: The Great Dissent: How Oliver Wendell Holmes Changed His Mind--and Changed the History of Free Speech in America, Author: Thomas Healy
Title: Biloxi, Author: Mary Miller
Title: Hayduke Lives!, Author: Edward Abbey
Title: Red River Vengeance, Author: William W. Johnstone Pre-Order Now
Title: Cold War Navy SEAL: My Story of Che Guevara, War in the Congo, and the Communist Threat in Africa, Author: James M. Hawes
Title: The Jackals, Author: William W. Johnstone
Title: Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell, Author: Nathan Ballingrud

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