Title: Lost in the Pacific, 1942: Not a Drop to Drink, Author: Tod Olson
Title: My Lovely Executioner, Author: Peter Rabe
Title: The Four Conversations: Daily Communication That Gets Results, Author: Jeffrey Ford
Title: I am Leonardo da Vinci, Author: Brad Meltzer
Title: The Totem, Author: David Morrell
Title: A Tale of Aceh, Author: Danny Campbell
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: And Hope to Die, Author: Louis Charbonneau
Title: how the city farang came to love the forest and other stories, Author: Danny Campbell
Title: Been in Love Before: A Novel, Author: Bryan Mooney
Title: A Legend of the Future, Author: Agustín de Rojas
Title: Pity, Author: Danny Campbell
Title: Dragonspawn, Author: Mark Acres
Title: Cuban Revelations: Behind the Scenes in Havana, Author: Marc Frank
Title: Ammon's Horn, Author: Stan Timmons
Title: Lincoln's Spymaster: Allan Pinkerton, America's First Private Eye, Author: Samantha Seiple
Title: Dragon War, Author: Mark Acres
Title: Strangling the Confederacy: Coastal Operations in the American Civil War, Author: Kevin  Dougherty