Title: A Joyful Christmas: 6 Historical Stories, Author: Cynthia Hickey
Title: The MISSadventure Brides Collection: 7 Daring Damsels Don't Let the Norms of Their Eras Hold Them Back, Author: Mary Davis
Title: The Barefoot Brides Collection: 7 Eccentric Women Would Sacrifice All (Even Their Shoes) For Their Dreams, Author: Lori Copeland
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Title: The Blue Ribbon Brides Collection: 9 Historical Women Win More than a Blue Ribbon at the Fair, Author: Jennifer AlLee
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Title: The Librarian's Journey: 4 Historical Romances, Author: Patty Smith Hall
Title: The Heart of the Midwife: 4 Historical Stories, Author: Darlene Franklin
Title: Crinoline Cowboys, Author: Patty Smith Hall
Title: The Tea Shoppe Mysteries: 4 Mysterious Deaths Steep in Coastal Maine, Author: Darlene Franklin
Title: The Coffee Club Mysteries: 6 Whodunits Are Brewing in Small-Town Kansas, Author: Darlene Franklin
Title: Carousel Dreams: 4 Historical Stories, Author: Susanne Dietze
Title: Coral Shadows, Author: Cynthia Hickey
Title: Missing Pieces: 4 Puzzling Cozy Mysteries, Author: Cynthia Hickey Pre-Order Now
Title: Worthy, Author: Cynthia Hickey
Title: Shades of Crimson, Author: Cynthia Hickey
Title: Yesterday's Mail: Crossroads Collection 2, Author: Alana Terry
Title: Yesterday's Mail: a Crossroads Collection, Author: Alana Terry
Title: Guiding With Love, Author: Cynthia Hickey