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Title: Emmanuel Levinas's Talmudic Turn: Philosophy and Jewish Thought, Author: Ethan Kleinberg
Title: The Mark of the Sacred, Author: Jean-Pierre Dupuy
Title: Present Pasts: Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory / Edition 1, Author: Andreas Huyssen
Title: Lessons from a Materialist Thinker: Hobbesian Reflections on Ethics and Politics, Author: Samantha Frost
Title: Sublime Historical Experience, Author: F.R. Ankersmit
Title: Beckett, Derrida, and the Event of Literature, Author: Asja Szafraniec
Title: Skyline: The Narcissistic City, Author: Hubert Damisch
Title: Fantasm and Fiction: On Textual Envisioning, Author: Peter Schwenger
Title: Theories of Distinction: Redescribing the Descriptions of Modernity, Author: Niklas Luhmann
Title: The Practice of Cultural Analysis: Exposing Interdisciplinary Interpretation, Author: Mieke Bal
Title: Comparing the Incomparable, Author: Marcel Detienne
Title: The Ends of Mourning: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Film, Author: Alessia Ricciardi
Title: The Specter of Capital, Author: Joseph Vogl
Title: The Image of Law: Deleuze, Bergson, Spinoza, Author: Alexandre Lefebvre
Title: The Far Reaches: Phenomenology, Ethics, and Social Renewal in Central Europe, Author: Michael D. Gubser
Title: The Reality of the Mass Media, Author: Niklas Luhmann
Title: After <I>La Dolce Vita</I>: A Cultural Prehistory of Berlusconi's Italy, Author: Alessia Ricciardi
Title: Can One Live after Auschwitz?: A Philosophical Reader / Edition 1, Author: Theodor Adorno
Title: Silent Urns: Romanticism, Hellenism, Modernity, Author: David Ferris
Title: Oedipus Unbound: Selected Writings on Rivalry and Desire / Edition 1, Author: René Girard

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