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Title: Good Autism Practice for Teachers: Embracing Neurodiversity and Supporting Inclusion, Author: Karen Watson
Title: The Anti-Racist Social Worker: stories of activism in social care and allied health professionals, Author: Tanya Moore
Title: Public Health Explored: 50 Stories to Change the World, Author: John Ashton
Title: Critical Thinking Skills for your Social Work Degree, Author: Jane Bottomley
Title: Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Enquiry, Author: Val Poultney
Title: Teacher Status and Professional Learning: The Place Model, Author: Linda Clarke
Title: Post Compulsory Teacher Educators: Connecting Professionals: Connecting Professionals, Author: Jim Crawley
Title: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Learners 11-18 Years, Author: Jonathan Glazzard
Title: Practical Ideas for Teaching Primary Science, Author: Vivian Cooke
Title: Digital Connection in Health and Social Work: Perspectives from Covid-19, Author: Denise Turner
Title: Supporting Behaviour by Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: A Guide for Classroom Teachers, Author: Victor Allen
Title: RISK: Signposting better choices to more adventurous teaching, Author: David Gumbrell
Title: Learning Teaching: Becoming an inspirational teacher, Author: Pete Boyd
Title: Enabling Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education, Author: Mike Seal
Title: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young Children 0-5 Years, Author: Marie Potter
Title: Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Mental Well-being and Self-care, Author: Sally McWilliam
Title: The Social Worker's Guide to Liberty Protection Safeguards, Author: Martin Sexton Pre-Order Now
Title: Digital Literacy for Primary Teachers, Author: Moira Savage
Title: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children 4-11 Years, Author: Jonathan Glazzard
Title: Behavioural Skills for Effective Policing: The Service Speaks, Author: Mark Kilgallon

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