Title: The Social Worker's Guide to Liberty Protection Safeguards, Author: Martin Sexton Pre-Order Now
Title: Don't Put Us Away: Memories of a Man with Learning Disabilities, Author: Richard Keagan-Bull
Title: The Social Work Degree Apprenticeship, Author: Clare Stone
Title: Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Assessment, Author: Alys Finch
Title: Shifting Sands: Contemporary issues in primary schools, Author: Gary Pykitt
Title: Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Understanding Your Role in Curriculum Design and Implementation, Author: Henry Sauntson Pre-Order Now
Title: Non-directive Coaching: Attitudes, Approaches and Applications, Author: Bob Thomson Mr.
Title: Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Teaching Primary Foundation Subjects, Author: James Coleman Pre-Order Now
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Title: Psychopharmacology: A mental health professional's guide to commonly used medications, Author: Herbert Mwebe
Title: Evidence-based Teaching: A Critical Overview for Enquiring Teachers, Author: Carey Philpott
Title: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Young Children 0-5 Years, Author: Marie Potter
Title: Social Media in Social Work Education, Author: Joanne Westwood
Title: Dilemmas and Decision Making in Residential Childcare, Author: Abbi Jackson Pre-Order Now
Title: What's Your Problem?: Making Sense of Social Problems and the Policy Process, Author: Stuart Connor
Title: A Critical Guide to the SEND Code of Practice 0-25 Years (2015), Author: Janet Goepel
Title: The Critical Years: Early Years Development from Conception to 5, Author: Tim Gully
Title: Positive Mental Health for School Leaders, Author: Samuel Stones
Title: Police Research and Evidence-based Policing, Author: Emma Spooner
Title: Phonics: Getting it Right in a Week, Author: Angela Gill
Title: Transition into Higher Education, Author: Harriet Jones Pre-Order Now

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