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Title: The Social Worker's Guide to Liberty Protection Safeguards, Author: Martin Sexton Pre-Order Now
Title: Good Autism Practice for Teachers: Embracing Neurodiversity and Supporting Inclusion, Author: Karen Watson
Title: The Anti-Racist Social Worker: stories of activism in social care and allied health professionals, Author: Tanya Moore
Title: The Teacher Educator's Handbook: A narrative approach to professional learning, Author: Elizabeth White
Title: Equality and Diversity in Further Education, Author: Sheine Peart
Title: Critical Approaches to Online Learning, Author: Julian McDougall
Title: Children Forsaken: Child Abuse from Ancient to Modern Times, Author: Steven Walker
Title: Communication Skills for your Social Work Degree, Author: Jane Bottomley
Title: Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom: An exploration of consensus across theory and practice, Author: Karen Hosack Janes
Title: You've Got This: A Student's Guide to Well-being at University and Beyond, Author: Rachael Alexander
Title: Enabling Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education, Author: Mike Seal
Title: Learning through Movement in the Early Years, Author: Sharon Tredgett
Title: Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers: Mental Well-being and Self-care, Author: Sally McWilliam
Title: Inclusion in Further Education, Author: Lydia Spenceley
Title: Critical Thinking Skills for your Nursing Degree, Author: Jane Bottomley
Title: Love in the Present Tense: A Bereaved Mum's Story, Author: Nina Praske
Title: Teaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics: Subject and Pedagogic Knowledge, Author: Mary Briggs
Title: Classroom Talk, Author: Rupert Knight
Title: The W Word: Witchcraft labelling and child safeguarding in social work practice, Author: Prospera Tedam
Title: Phonics: Getting it Right in a Week, Author: Angela Gill

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