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Title: The Social Worker's Guide to Liberty Protection Safeguards, Author: Martin Sexton Pre-Order Now
Title: The Social Work Degree Apprenticeship, Author: Clare Stone
Title: Good Autism Practice for Teachers: Embracing Neurodiversity and Supporting Inclusion, Author: Karen Watson
Title: Well-being in the Early Years, Author: Caroline Bligh
Title: Teacher Education Partnerships: Policy and Practice, Author: Trevor Mutton
Title: Social Media and Mental Health in Schools, Author: Jonathan Glazzard
Title: Self-neglect: A Practical Approach to Risks and Strengths Assessment, Author: Shona Britten
Title: Fostering for Adoption: Our story and stories of others, Author: Alice Hill
Title: Writing Analytical Assessments in Social Work, Author: Chris Dyke
Title: Conversations to Change Teaching, Author: Joy Jarvis
Title: What Every Parent Should Know About Education: How knowing the facts can help your child succeed, Author: Chris Atherton
Title: Guided Relaxation: Your essential guide to creating calm, Author: Katie Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: Learning Disability Nursing: Developing Professional Practice, Author: Ruth Northway
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Title: Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The Truth about Britain, Author: Declan Henry
Title: The Mindful Social Worker: Living your best social work life, Author: Barbara Starns Pre-Order Now
Title: All Change!: Best practice for educational transitions, Author: Rhiannon Packer
Title: The W Word: Witchcraft labelling and child safeguarding in social work practice, Author: Prospera Tedam
Title: Intelligence-led Policing, Author: Craig Hughes Pre-Order Now
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Title: Early Years Placements: A Critical Guide to Outstanding Work-based Learning, Author: Jackie Musgrave
Title: Learning to be a Primary Teacher: Core Knowledge and Understanding, Author: Jonathan Glazzard
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