Title: From Shared Life to Co-Resistance in Historic Palestine, Author: Marcelo Svirsky
Title: Chinese Subjectivities and the Beijing Olympics, Author: Gladys Pak Lei Chong
Title: Performative Contradiction and the Romanian Revolution, Author: Jolan Bogdan
Title: Arts of Healing: Cultural Narratives of Trauma, Author: Arleen Ionescu
Title: Partitions and Their Afterlives: Violence, Memories, Living, Author: Radhika Mohanram
Title: Materialities of Sex in a Time of HIV: The Promise of Vaginal Microbicides, Author: Annette-Carina van der Zaag
Title: The Attention Economy: Labour, Time and Power in Cognitive Capitalism, Author: Claudio Celis Bueno
Title: Contested Borders: Queer Politics and Cultural Translation in Contemporary Francophone Writing from the Maghreb, Author: William J. Spurlin Pre-Order Now
Title: Culture Control Critique: Allegories of Reading the Present, Author: Frida Beckman
Title: Homemaking: Radical Nostalgia and the Construction of a South Asian Diaspora, Author: Anindya Raychaudhuri
Title: Back Issues: Periodicals and the Formation of Critical and Cultural Theory in Canada, Author: Gary Genosko
Title: Creole in the Archive: Imagery, Presence and the Location of the Caribbean Figure, Author: Roshini Kempadoo
Title: Prometheanism: Technology, Digital Culture and Human Obsolescence, Author: Christopher John Muller
Title: The Extreme in Contemporary Culture: States of Vulnerability, Author: Pramod K. Nayar Professor of English at the University of Hyderabad
Title: Affective Connections: Towards a New Materialist Politics of Sympathy, Author: Dorota Golanska
Title: Archaeology of Colonisation: From Aesthetics to Biopolitics, Author: Carlos Rivera-Santana
Title: Hypermodernity and Visuality, Author: Peter R. Sedgwick
Title: Credo Credit Crisis: Speculations on Faith and Money, Author: Aidan Tynan
Title: Superpositions: Laruelle and the Humanities, Author: Rocco Gangle
Title: Chinese Subjectivities and the Beijing Olympics, Author: Gladys Pak Lei Chong