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Title: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: With a Life of the Poet, Explanatory Foot-notes, Critical, Author: Shakespeare William
Title: A Study Guide for Umberto Eco's
Title: Les prophéties de m. Michel Nostradamus .., Author: 1503-1566 Nostradamus
Title: Thirteen Years Among the Wild Beasts of India, Author: G. P. (George P.) Sanderson
Title: Collected Works of John Muir, Author: John Muir
Title: A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1897, Author: James D. Richardson
Title: Wheat Genealogy; A History of the Wheat Family in America, With a Brief Account of the Name, Author: Francis Wheat of Maryland
Title: Saint Theresa of Avila, Author: Bradley Gilman
Title: The Religious Aspect of Philosophy, Author: Josiah Royce
Title: A Book of Strife in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul, Author: MacDonald George
Title: Japanese Letters; Eastern Impressions of Western men and Manners, as Contained in the Correspondence, Author: Hastings Berkeley
Title: Lyra Graeca; being the remains of all the Greek lyrik poets from Eumelus to Timotheus excepting Pind, Author: John Maxwell Edmonds
Title: The Valley of the Moon, Author: London Jack
Title: Pre-Malthusian Doctrines of Population, a Study in the History of Economic Theory, Author: Stangeland Charles Emil
Title: A Short Table of Integrals, Author: Ronald Martin Foster Ben Osgood Peirce
Title: A Sketch of the Life and Times of John De Witt, Author: Robert Gibbes Barnwell
Title: History of the Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831-1920, Author: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Title: The Parson Of The Islands: A Biography Of The Late Rev. Joshua Thomas : With Sketches Of Many Of His Contemporaries And An Account Of The Origin Of Methodism On The Islands Of The Chesapeake And Eastern Shores Of Maryland And Virginia, Author: Adam Wallace
Title: The Village Blacksmith, Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Title: Catalogue of the Coins of the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Lombards, and of the Empires of Thessalonica, Nicaea and Trebizond in the British Museum, Author: British Museum. Dept. Of Coins And Medal

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