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Title: Season's Greetings: Welcoming Christ Through the Traditions of Christmas, Author: Stephenie Hovland
Title: Lift Up Your Heads: Daily Devotions for Advent, Author: Martin E. Marty
Title: Pope Francis: Jesus, the Savior Among Us, Author: Patrrice Fagnant-MacArthur
Title: La Fe Viva: Devociones catolica diarias para Octubre, Noviembre, Diciembre 2022, Author: Marina Herrera
Title: Reconciled to God - Daily Lenten Devotions, Author: Amy Welborn
Title: What Catholics Believe ... and Why - Basic Questions and Answers, Author: Mark Neilsen
Title: Living Faith - The Advent Season 2019, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: God Bless Us Every One!, Author: Michael Hoy
Title: Kneel and Adore Him, Author: Donna Streufert
Title: Reading God's Word Daily and Sunday Mass Readings Church Year A 2020, Author: Kasey Nugent
Title: Advent A to Z, Author: Arden Mead
Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 35 Number 2 - 2019 July, August, September, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: Follow the Star, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: Let's Grow Into Lent: Daily Lenten Devotions For Children, Author: Stephenie Hovland
Title: Living the Gospel Life: The Season of Lent 2016, Author: David Mead
Title: Reading God's Word 2011-2012 - Daily Mass Readings for Year B, Author: Kathleen Furman
Title: La Fe Viva: Devociones catolica diarias para Abril, Mayo, Junio 2020, Author: Marina Herrera
Title: Your Nail - Daily Lenten Meditations, Author: Arden Mead
Title: Dialoging Thru Lent:Dramatic Readings for Lent, Author: Arden Mead
Title: The Parables of Lent: Daily Devotions on the Stories of Jesus for Lent, Author: Dean Nadasdy

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