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Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 38 Number 1 - 2022 April, May, June, Author: Pat Gohn
Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 37 Number 4 - 2022 January, February, March, Author: Pat Gohn
Title: Reading God's Word 2022: Daily andSunday Mass Readings Church Year C, Author: Kasey Nugent
Title: In View of God's Mercy: Devotions for Lent, Author: David Boyd
Title: Welcome the Light: Daily Devotions for Advent, Author: Sr. Joyce Rupp
Title: Journey to Joy: Daily Reflections for Lent, Author: Sr. Joan Mueller
Title: Thy Kingdom Come: A Lenten Journey, Author: Fr. Dennis Gallagher AA
Title: 365 Hopeful Devotions for Catholics: Daily Moments with God, Author: Pat Gohn
Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 37 Number 3 - 2021 October, November, December, Author: Pat Gohn
Title: Living Faith Lent: Daily Catholic Devotions based on the Mass readings for Year A, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: A Season of Grace: Daily Lenten Devotions for Seniors, Author: Mark Zimmermann
Title: What Catholics Believe ... and Why - Basic Questions and Answers, Author: Mark Neilsen
Title: Pope Francis: Living Lent with Passion, Encouragement and Daily Prayers, Author: Mark Neilsen
Title: Your Nail: Daily Lenten Meditations, Author: Arden Mead
Title: New King for a New Kingdom - Daily Reflections for Advent, Author: Fr. Robert Barron
Title: Living Faith - Lenten Devotions for Catholics, Author: Mark Neilsen
Title: Abundant Mercy: Family Devotions and Activities for Lent, Author: Claire Mcgarry
Title: Let's Grow Into Lent: Daily Lenten Devotions For Children, Author: Stephenie Hovland
Title: Reconciled to God - Daily Lenten Devotions, Author: Amy Welborn
Title: Living Faith Lent 2021, Author: Pat Gohn

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