Title: Nadya's Nights: Frost, Author: Indy McDaniel
Title: Lacrimarium, Author: Kayil York
Title: The Twelve Gates Of The Heart: Mysterious of the Kingdom, Author: Michael H Yeager
Title: Grasping Glory: A Brief Introduction to Christian Belief, Author: Matt Fraser
Title: Drizzle Drop Valley, Author: Tamira Bhachu
Title: Your Heart for Me: Volume I, Author: Wendy England
Title: Jude: Reflections on an Often Ignored Book, Author: Delbert K. Redditt
Title: Cuentos de la Pobre Piquiña, Author: Rígel Torres
Title: Understanding Biblical Praise and Worship: A Call to Spiritual Worship, Author: Ernest Musekiwa
Title: The Man Who Vanished: A Lew Travis Mystery, Author: Charles Dayton
Title: HOLY GRAIL: Luminosity of Existence, Author: ILE DA MIR
Title: B.A.M!: The Complete Course for the Borrowed And Memorized Deck, Author: Bob Miller
Title: A Senful Holiday: The Novella, Author: BriAnn Danae
Title: Tired Wonder: Beginnings and Endings, Author: Eric Overby
Title: The Talking Penis, Author: Salem Charles
Title: Karma of the Silo: a WOOL story, Author: Patrice Fitzgerald
Title: My Best Friend's Name Was Marty, Author: LaCresha Lawson
Title: A Real Southern Lady: Bobbie Lamont #3, Author: Zelmer Wilson
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Title: For the Joy: Praise and the Cross of Christ, Author: Thomas W. Reedy
Title: I Love My HUman Self, Author: LaCresha Lawson

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