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Title: Immigration, Author: Lizann  Flatt
Title: What Are Light Waves?, Author: Robin Johnson
Title: Ferrari, Author: Molly Aloian
Title: Your Guide to the Periodic Table, Author: Gill Arbuthnott
Title: Physical Science in Football, Author: Enzo George
Title: Irena Sendler: Bringing Life to Children of the Holocaust, Author: Susan Brophy Down
Title: The Korean War, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Marquis de Lafayette: Fighting for America's Freedom (Understanding the American Revolution Series), Author: Lisa Colozza Cocca
Title: Dian Fossey: Animal Rights Activist and Protector of Mountain Gorillas, Author: Diane Dakers
Title: Magic Johnson: Basketball Legend, Entrepreneur, and HIV/AIDS Activist, Author: Diane Dakers
Title: The Vietnam War, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Helpers in My Community, Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: Bugatti, Author: Molly Aloian
Title: The Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Author: Natalie Hyde
Title: Crusades, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Cyber Bullying, Author: Rachel Stuckey
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Author: Gary Jeffrey
Title: Engineers Solve Problems, Author: Reagan Miller
Title: Sojourner Truth: Speaking Up for Freedom, Author: Geoffrey Michael Horn
Title: Civil Rights, Author: Hilarie Staton

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