Title: Meaning and Interpretation: Wittgenstein, Henry James, and Literary Knowledge, Author: G. L. Hagberg
Title: Decadent Genealogies: The Rhetoric of Sickness from Baudelaire to D'Annunzio, Author: Barbara Spackman
Title: Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary Structures, Author: Leona Toker
Title: Novel Translations: The European Novel and the German Book, 1680-1730, Author: Bethany Wiggin
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Title: Dynasty Divided: A Family History of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism, Author: Fabian Baumann Pre-Order Now
Title: Greatness Engendered: George Eliot and Virginia Woolf, Author: Alison Booth
Title: Literary Transcendentalism: Style and Vision in the American Renaissance, Author: Lawrence Buell
Title: Formative Fictions: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Bildungsroman, Author: Tobias Boes
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Title: Power, Protection, and Free Trade: International Sources of U.S. Commercial Strategy, 1887-1939, Author: David A. Lake
Title: Curing Medicare: A Doctor's View on How Our Health Care System Is Failing Older Americans and How We Can Fix It, Author: Andy Lazris
Title: Revolution Goes East: Imperial Japan and Soviet Communism, Author: Tatiana Linkhoeva
Title: Chinatown No More: Taiwan Immigrants in Contemporary New York, Author: Hsiang-Shui Chen
Title: Interpreting Greek Tragedy: Myth, Poetry, Text, Author: Charles Segal
Title: Phantom Formations: Aesthetic Ideology and the
Title: Benjamin's Library: Modernity, Nation, and the Baroque, Author: Jane O. Newman
Title: Research as Development: Biomedical Research, Ethics, and Collaboration in Sri Lanka, Author: Salla Sariola
Title: The Dragoman Renaissance: Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism, Author: E. Natalie Rothman
Title: Clarissa's Ciphers: Meaning and Disruption in Richardson's Clarissa, Author: Terry Castle
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Title: Recasting Islamic Law: Religion and the Nation State in Egyptian Constitution Making, Author: Rachel M. Scott
Title: Red Dynamite: Creationism, Culture Wars, and Anticommunism in America, Author: Carl R. Weinberg

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