Title: The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages: Language Theory, Mythology, and Fiction, Author: Jesse Gellrich
Title: The Search for God in Ancient Egypt / Edition 1, Author: Jan Assmann
Title: Unrivaled: Why America Will Remain the World's Sole Superpower, Author: Michael Beckley
Title: The Shady Lady's Guide to Northeast Shade Gardening, Author: Amy Ziffer
Title: Chicago in Stone and Clay: A Guide to the Windy City's Architectural Geology, Author: Raymond Wiggers
Title: Four Texts on Socrates: Plato's
Title: Counterpreservation: Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989, Author: Daniela Sandler
Title: The Beaver: Natural History of a Wetlands Engineer, Author: Dietland Müller-Schwarze
Title: Lucifer: The Devil in the Middle Ages, Author: Jeffrey Burton Russell
Title: Cry of Murder on Broadway: A Woman's Ruin and Revenge in Old New York, Author: Julie Miller
Title: The John Deere Story: A Biography of Plowmakers John and Charles Deere, Author: Neil Dahlstrom
Title: A Bird-Finding Guide to Costa Rica, Author: Barrett Lawson
Title: History and Power in the Study of Law: New Directions in Legal Anthropology, Author: June Starr
Title: Meaning and Interpretation: Wittgenstein, Henry James, and Literary Knowledge, Author: G. L. Hagberg
Title: The Cold War from the Margins: A Small Socialist State on the Global Cultural Scene, Author: Theodora K. Dragostinova
Title: Solid State: The Story of
Title: Freedomland: Co-op City and the Story of New York, Author: Annemarie H. Sammartino
Title: Singing Like Germans: Black Musicians in the Land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, Author: Kira Thurman
Title: What Is to Be Done? / Edition 1, Author: Nikolai Chernyshevsky
Title: Last Subway: The Long Wait for the Next Train in New York City, Author: Philip Mark Plotch
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