Title: The Currency of Empire: Money and Power in Seventeenth-Century English America, Author: Jonathan Barth
Title: The Beekeeper's Handbook, Author: Diana Sammataro
Title: Saved at the Seawall: Stories from the September 11 Boat Lift, Author: Jessica DuLong
Title: The Racial Contract / Edition 1, Author: Charles W. Mills
Title: No Useless Mouth: Waging War and Fighting Hunger in the American Revolution, Author: Rachel B. Herrmann
Title: The Sources of Anti-Slavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760-1848, Author: William M. Wiecek
Title: The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages, Author: Penelope Reed Doob
Title: Four Texts on Socrates: Plato's
Title: The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide, Author: Richard Garrigues
Title: The Self and Its Pleasures: Bataille, Lacan, and the History of the Decentered Subject, Author: Carolyn J. Dean
Title: The Afterlives of the Terror: Facing the Legacies of Mass Violence in Postrevolutionary France, Author: Ronen Steinberg
Title: The Idea of the Book in the Middle Ages: Language Theory, Mythology, and Fiction, Author: Jesse Gellrich
Title: Interpreting Greek Tragedy: Myth, Poetry, Text, Author: Charles Segal
Title: Acts of Care: Recovering Women in Late Medieval Health, Author: Sara Ritchey
Title: Communities of Saint Martin: Legend and Ritual in Medieval Tours, Author: Sharon Farmer
Title: Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany: Toward a Public Discourse on the Holocaust, Author: Sonja Boos
Title: Mujong (The Heartless): Yi Kwang-su and Modern Korean Literature, Author: Kwang-su Yi
Title: Irregular Unions: Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern English Literature, Author: Katharine Cleland
Title: Poets, Patrons, and Printers: Crisis of Authority in Late Medieval France, Author: Cynthia J. Brown

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