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Title: Sodoms in Eden: The City in American Fiction before 1860, Author: Janis P. Stout
Title: American Studies Abroad, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: The Line of Duty: Maverick Congressmen and the Development of American Political Culture, 1836-1860, Author: Johanna Nicol Shields
Title: Musical Nationalism: American Composers' Search for Identity, Author: Alan Levy
Title: Corporations and Society: Power and Responsibility, Author: Warren J. Samuels
Title: A Campaign of Ideas: The 1980 Anderson/Lucey Platform, Author: Clifford W. Brown
Title: Several More Lives to Live: Thoreau's Political Reputation in America, Author: Michael Meyer
Title: The American Dream in the Great Depression., Author: Charles Hearn
Title: Social Change & Fundamental Law: America's Evolving Constitution, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Rhetoric of American Politics: A Study of Documents, Author: William R. Smith
Title: Business and Religion in the American 1920s, Author: Rolf Lunden
Title: The Eagle and Brooklyn: A Community Newspaper, 1841-1955, Author: Raymond A. Schroth
Title: Concerned About the Planet: The Reporter Magazine and American Liberalism, 1949-1968, Author: Martin K. Doudna
Title: In the Trough of the Sea: Selected American Sea-Deliverance Narratives, 1610-1766, Author: Donald P. Wharton
Title: The Supreme Court and the American Family: Ideology and Issues, Author: Eva R. Rubin
Title: Aaron Burr and the American Literary Imagination, Author: Charles Nolan
Title: Artistic Voyagers: Europe and the American Imagination in the Works of Irving, Allston, Cole, Cooper, and Hawthorne, Author: Joy Kasson
Title: The Urbanists, 1865-1915, Author: Dana F. White
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Title: In Search of America: Transatlantic Essays, 1951-1990, Author: Phyllis Palmer
Title: The Dilemmas of Individualism: Status, Liberty, and American Constitutional Law, Author: Michael J. Phillips

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