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Title: The Rhetoric of American Politics: A Study of Documents, Author: William R. Smith
Title: The Presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes, Author: Kenneth E. Davison
Title: A Touchstone for Greatness: Essays, Addresses, and Occasional Pieces about Abraham Lincoln, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: The Politics of a Literary Man: William Gilmore Simms, Author: Jon L. Wakelyn
Title: Progress and Pragmatism: James, Dewey, and Beard, and the American Idea of Progress, Author: David Marcell
Title: Henry B. Fuller of Chicago: The Ordeal of a Genteel Realist in Ungenteel America, Author: Bernard Bowron
Title: The Muse and the Librarian, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: Mother Was a Lady: Self and Society in Selected American Children's Periodicals, 1865-1890, Author: R. Gordon Kelly
Title: The Eagle and Brooklyn: A Community Newspaper, 1841-1955, Author: Raymond A. Schroth
Title: Black Protest: Issues and Tactics, Author: Robert Dick
Title: American Values: Continuity and Change, Author: John C. Gabriel
Title: Where I'm Bound: Patterns of Slavery and Freedom in Black American Autobiography, Author: Sidonie Smith
Title: William Allen White: Maverick on Main Street, Author: John Mckee
Title: American Studies Abroad, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: The Ignoble Savage: American Literary Racism, 1790-1890, Author: Louise K. Barnett
Title: Sodoms in Eden: The City in American Fiction before 1860, Author: Janis P. Stout
Title: The Modern Corporate State: Private Governments and the American Constitution, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: In the Driver's Seat: The Automobile in American Literature and Popular Culture, Author: Cynthia G. Dettelbach
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Title: Growth in America, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: American Studies: Topics and Sources, Author: Robert H. Walker

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