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Title: Politics, Democracy, and the Supreme Court: Essays on the Frontier of Constitutional Theory, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: The Golden Sword: The Coming of Capitalism to the Colorado Mining Frontier, Author: Michael Neuschatz
Title: The Supreme Court and the American Family: Ideology and Issues, Author: Eva R. Rubin
Title: Heralds of Promise: The Drama of the American People During the Age of Jackson, 1829-1849, Author: Walter Meserve
Title: The Course of American Democratic Thought, Author: Susan G. Cunliffe
Title: Corporations and Society: Power and Responsibility, Author: Warren J. Samuels
Title: Abortion, Politics, and the Courts: Roe v. Wade and its Aftermath, Author: Eva R. Rubin
Title: Business and Religion in the American 1920s, Author: Rolf Lunden
Title: Modular America: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Emergence of an American Way, Author: John G. Blair
Title: The Social Christian Novel, Author: Robert Glenn Wright
Title: The Urbanists, 1865-1915, Author: Dana F. White
Title: The Rhetoric of War: Training Day, the Militia, and the Military Sermon, Author: Marie L. Ahearn
Title: In the Public Interest: The League of Women Voters, 1920-1970, Author: Ralph A. Young
Title: Restrained Response: American Novels of the Cold War and Korea, 1945-1962, Author: Arne Axelsson
Title: In Search of America: Transatlantic Essays, 1951-1990, Author: Phyllis Palmer
Title: Prophetic Pictures: Nathaniel Hawthorne's Knowledge and Uses of the Visual Arts, Author: Sterling K. Eisiminger
Title: Feast of Strangers: Selected Prose and Poetry of Reuel Denney, Author: Reuel Denney
Title: The Selected Writings of Mordecai Noah, Author: Daniel Kleinfeld
Title: For the Public Record: A Documentary History of the League of Women Voters, Author: Barbara Stuhler
Title: Sodoms in Eden: The City in American Fiction before 1860, Author: Janis P. Stout

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