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Title: The Nuyorican Experience: Literature of the Puerto Rican Minority, Author: Eugene Mohr
Title: Business and its Environment: Essays for Thomas C. Cochran, Author: Harold I. Sharlin
Title: Sources for American Studies, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: A New World Jerusalem: The Swedenborgian Experience in Community Construction, Author: Mary Ann Meyers
Title: Musical Nationalism: American Composers' Search for Identity, Author: Alan Levy
Title: The Dilemmas of Individualism: Status, Liberty, and American Constitutional Law, Author: Michael J. Phillips
Title: Sons of Liberty: The Masculine Mind in Nineteenth-Century America, Author: David Pugh
Title: American Tough: The Tough-Guy Tradition and American Character, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Uncle Sam at Home: Civilian Mobilization, Wartime Federalism, and the Council of National Defense, 1917-1919, Author: William J. Breen
Title: The Bang and the Whimper: Apocalypse and Entropy in American Literature, Author: Zbigniew Lewicki
Title: The Disreputable Profession: The Actor in Society, Author: R. Kohansky
Title: The Formative Essays of Justice Holmes: The Making of an American Legal Philosophy, Author: Frederic Kellogg
Title: A Capacity for Outrage: The Judicial Odyssey of J. Skelly Wright, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: On Courts and Democracy: Selected Nonjudicial Writings of J. Skelly Wright, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: A Campaign of Ideas: The 1980 Anderson/Lucey Platform, Author: Clifford W. Brown
Title: Dreams and Visions: A Study of American Utopias, 1865-1917, Author: Charles Rooney
Title: Mechanical Metamorphosis: Technological Change in Revolutionary America, Author: Neil L. York
Title: Prologue: The Novels of Black American Women, 1891-1965, Author: Carole M. Watson
Title: The Line of Duty: Maverick Congressmen and the Development of American Political Culture, 1836-1860, Author: Johanna Nicol Shields
Title: The Soul of the Wobblies: The I.W.W., Religion, and American Culture in the Progressive Era, 1905-1917, Author: Donald E. Winters

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