Title: A Touchstone for Greatness: Essays, Addresses, and Occasional Pieces about Abraham Lincoln, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: The Politics of a Literary Man: William Gilmore Simms, Author: Jon L. Wakelyn
Title: Progress and Pragmatism: James, Dewey, and Beard, and the American Idea of Progress, Author: David Marcell
Title: Testing the Faith: The New Catholic Fiction in America, Author: Anita Gandolfo
Title: Blowing the Bridge: Essays on Hemingway and For Whom the Bell Tolls, Author: Rena Sanderson
Title: Melville and Melville Studies in Japan, Author: Kenzabuo Ohashi
Title: In Praise of Common Things: Lizette Woodworth Reese Revisited, Author: Robert J. Jones
Title: Yesterday's Stories: Popular Women's Novels of the Twenties and Thirties, Author: Patricia Raub
Title: The Muse and the Librarian, Author: Robert H. Walker
Title: Preserving Charleston's Past, Shaping Its Future: The Life and Times of Susan Pringle Frost, Author: Sidney Bland
Title: The Eagle and Brooklyn: A Community Newspaper, 1841-1955, Author: Raymond A. Schroth
Title: Black Protest: Issues and Tactics, Author: Robert Dick
Title: Where I'm Bound: Patterns of Slavery and Freedom in Black American Autobiography, Author: Sidonie Smith
Title: New World Journeys: Contemporary Italian Writers and the Experience of America, Author: Louise K. Barnett
Title: Boosters and Businessmen: Popular Economic Thought and Urban Growth in the Antebellum Middle West, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: An Anxious Democracy: Aspects of the 1830s, Author: John Duffy
Title: Toward Increased Judicial Activism: The Political Role of the Supreme Court, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: Artistic Voyagers: Europe and the American Imagination in the Works of Irving, Allston, Cole, Cooper, and Hawthorne, Author: Joy Kasson
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Title: Lawyers v. Educators: Black Colleges and Desegregation in Public Higher Education, Author: Jean Preer
Title: The Nuyorican Experience: Literature of the Puerto Rican Minority, Author: Eugene Mohr

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