Title: French Feminist Theory: An Introduction, Author: Dani Cavallaro
Title: Teaching and Learning Science: A Guide to Recent Research and Its Applications, Author: Judith Bennett
Title: Genre and Institutions: Social Processes in the Workplace and School, Author: Frances Christie
Title: Foucault and the Art of Ethics, Author: Timothy O'Leary
Title: Contemporary French Philosophy: Modernity and the Persistence of the Subject, Author: Caroline Williams
Title: What's Wrong With Liberalism?: A Radical Critique of Liberal Philosophy, Author: Maureen Ramsay
Title: Approaches to Acting: Past and Present, Author: Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe
Title: Learning Through Language in Early Childhood, Author: Clare Painter
Title: School Management and Effectiveness in Developing Countries: The Post-Bureaucratic School, Author: Clive Harber
Title: Between Philosophy and Poetry: Writing, Rhythm, History, Author: Massimo Verdicchio
Title: Teaching and Learning English: A Guide to Recent Research and its Applications, Author: Richard Andrews
Title: Teaching and Learning Algebra, Author: Doug French
Title: Interrupting Auschwitz: Art, Religion, Philosophy, Author: Josh Cohen
Title: Expository Discourse, Author: Beverly Lewin
Title: Holocaust and Memory / Edition 1, Author: Barbara Engelking
Title: The Color of Theater: Race, Culture and Contemporary Performance / Edition 1, Author: Roberta Uno
Title: Performance on the Edge: Transformations of Culture / Edition 1, Author: Johannes Birringer
Title: Essays on Citizenship, Author: Sir Bernard Crick
Title: Jane Austen's Literary Manuscripts: A Study of the Novelist's Development through the Surviving Papers. Revised Edition, Author: Brian Southam
Title: Medieval Monasteries, Author: J. Patrick Greene

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