Title: The Octopus in the Parking Garage: A Call for Climate Resilience, Author: Rob Verchick
Title: Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing the Science of Cooking, Author: Hervé This
Title: The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor, Author: Howard Marks
Title: Every Brain Needs Music: The Neuroscience of Making and Listening to Music, Author: Lawrence Sherman
Title: The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning, Revised and Updated, Author: Gautam Baid
Title: Junk DNA: A Journey Through the Dark Matter of the Genome, Author: Nessa Carey
Title: The Custom-Made Brain: Cerebral Plasticity, Regeneration, and Enhancement, Author: Jean-Didier Vincent
Title: Film Studies, second edition: An Introduction, Author: Ed Sikov
Title: My Journeys in Economic Theory, Author: Edmund Phelps
Title: The Membranes: A Novel, Author: Ta-wei Chi
Title: Dogs: Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History, Author: Xiaoming Wang
Title: From Black Gold to Frozen Gas: How Qatar Became an Energy Superpower, Author: Michael D. Tusiani
Title: Programmable Planet: The Synthetic Biology Revolution, Author: Ted Anton
Title: Big Fiction: How Conglomeration Changed the Publishing Industry and American Literature, Author: Dan Sinykin Pre-Order Now
Title: Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit, and Debt, Author: David Cowen
Title: Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder, Author: Beth Loffreda
Title: The Curious History of the Heart: A Cultural and Scientific Journey, Author: Vincent M. Figueredo
Title: Warren Buffett: Investor and Entrepreneur, Author: Todd A. Finkle
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Title: Rethinking Readiness: A Brief Guide to Twenty-First-Century Megadisasters, Author: Jeff Schlegelmilch
Title: Expectations Investing: Reading Stock Prices for Better Returns, Revised and Updated, Author: Michael Mauboussin

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