Title: The Digital Transformation Playbook: Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age, Author: David Rogers
Title: The CEO's Boss: Tough Love in the Boardroom, Author: William Klepper
Title: The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World, Author: David Hurst
Title: What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars, Author: Jim Paul
Title: Pandora's Risk: Uncertainty at the Core of Finance, Author: Kent Osband
Title: Creative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation, Author: William Duggan
Title: Smart Growth: Form and Consequences, Author: Terry S. Szold
Title: Class Clowns: How the Smartest Investors Lost Billions in Education, Author: Jonathan A. Knee
Title: The Seventh Sense: How Flashes of Insight Change Your Life, Author: William Duggan
Title: Rational Investing: The Subtleties of Asset Management, Author: Hugues Langlois
Title: Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works, Author: Jeanne Liedtka
Title: Accounting for Value, Author: Stephen Penman
Hardcover $40.45 $44.95 Current price is $40.45, Original price is $44.95.
Title: Passion for Reality: The Extraordinary Life of the Investing Pioneer Paul Cabot, Author: Columbia University Press
Title: If You're in a Dogfight, Become a Cat!: Strategies for Long-Term Growth, Author: Leonard Sherman
Title: Venture Investing in Science, Author: Douglas Jamison
Title: Merger Masters: Tales of Arbitrage, Author: Kate Welling
NOOK Book $21.99 $28.99 Current price is $21.99, Original price is $28.99.
Title: Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector, Author: Jeanne Liedtka
Title: The World's First Stock Exchange, Author: Lodewijk Petram
Title: Acts of God and Man: Ruminations on Risk and Insurance, Author: Michael Powers
Title: Interest Rate Swaps and Other Derivatives, Author: Howard Corb

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