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Title: Taking Conspiracy Theories Seriously, Author: Matthew R. X. Dentith
Title: Socrates Tenured: The Institutions of 21st-Century Philosophy, Author: Robert Frodeman
Title: Social Epistemology and Technology: Toward Public Self-Awareness Regarding Technological Mediation, Author: Frank Scalambrino
Title: Overcoming Epistemic Injustice: Social and Psychological Perspectives, Author: Benjamin R. Sherman
Title: The Kuhnian Image of Science: Time for a Decisive Transformation?, Author: Moti Mizrahi
Title: Social Epistemology and Epistemic Agency: Decentralizing Epistemic Agency, Author: Patrick J. Reider
Title: For and Against Scientism: Science, Methodology, and the Future of Philosophy, Author: Moti Mizrahi
Title: Philosophy in the Age of Science?: Inquiries into Philosophical Progress, Method, and Societal Relevance, Author: Julia Hermann
Title: Epistemic Paternalism: Conceptions, Justifications and Implications, Author: Guy Axtell
Title: The Future of Social Epistemology: A Collective Vision, Author: James H. Collier
Title: Heraclitus Redux: Technological Infrastructures and Scientific Change, Author: Joseph C. Pitt
Title: Minority Report: Dissent and Diversity in Science, Author: William T. Lynch
Title: The Social Production of Knowledge in a Neoliberal Age: Debating the Challenges Facing Higher Education, Author: Justin Cruickshank
Title: Democratization and Struggles Against Injustice: A Pragmatist Approach to the Epistemic Practices of Social Movements, Author: Justo Serrano Zamora
Title: Democratic Problem-Solving: Dialogues in Social Epistemology, Author: Justin Cruickshank