Title: The Placenta and Neurodisability / Edition 2, Author: Philip Baker
Title: Rett Syndrome, Author: Bengt Hagberg
Title: Muscles, masses and motion: the physiology of normality, hypotonicity, spasticity and rigidity / Edition 1, Author: E. Geoffrey Walsh
Title: Neurophysiological examination of the newborn infant, Author: J.A. Eyre
Title: A Neurophysiological Basis for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy / Edition 2, Author: Karel Bobath
Title: The Floppy Infant / Edition 2, Author: Victor Dubowitz PhD
Title: Language development and disorders, Author: W. Yule
Title: Development of mature walking, Author: David Sutherland
Title: Brain Damage in the Preterm Infant / Edition 1, Author: Nigel Paneth
Title: Photosensitive Epilepsy / Edition 1, Author: Graham F. A. Harding
Title: Behavioural Phenotypes / Edition 1, Author: Gregory O'Brien
Title: Preschool Children with Inadequate Communication / Edition 1, Author: Isabelle Rapin
Title: Feeding the Disabled Child / Edition 1, Author: Peter Sullivan
Title: Neurodevelopmental Approach to Specific Learning Disorders / Edition 1, Author: Kingsley Whitmore
Title: Behavioural Approaches to Problems in Childhood / Edition 1, Author: Patricia Howlin
Title: The Neurological Assessment Of The Preterm And Full-Term Newborn Infant / Edition 2, Author: Lilly M. S. Dubowitz
Title: Psychobiology of the Hand / Edition 1, Author: Kevin J. Connolly
Title: Developmental Disability and Behaviour / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Gillberg
Title: Congenital Hemiplegia / Edition 1, Author: Brian Neville
Title: Cerebral Palsies: Epidemiology and Causal Pathways / Edition 1, Author: Fiona J. Stanley

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