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Title: Truth [Bonus Tracks], Artist: Jeff Beck
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Title: Telstar
Title: Original Album Classics [#2], Artist: Lou Reed
Title: Village Green Preservation Society [Super Deluxe Edition], Artist: The Kinks
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Title: This Is the Ivy League/Sounds of the Ivy League/Tomorrow Is Another Day Plus EP & Bonus, Artist: The Ivy League
Title: Back For The Last Time Again, Artist: Young & Moody
Title: Wondrous Place: The Brits Are Rocking, Vol. 2, Artist: Billy Fury
Title: The Complete Recordings, Artist: Fancy
Title: The Chiswick Story, Artist:
Title: Close Encounters with the Tornados, Artist: The Tornados
Title: Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Artist: Beggars Opera
Title: The Kink Kontroversy [Deluxe Edition], Artist: The Kinks
Title: Loot, Artist: Steve Ellis