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Title: The Aliites: Race and Law in the Religions of Noble Drew Ali, Author: Spencer Dew
Title: Unbridled: Studying Religion in Performance, Author: William Robert
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Title: Awkward Rituals: Sensations of Governance in Protestant America, Author: Dana W. Logan
Title: Consuming Religion, Author: Kathryn Lofton
Title: Faking Liberties: Religious Freedom in American-Occupied Japan, Author: Jolyon Baraka Thomas
Title: Ripples of the Universe: Spirituality in Sedona, Arizona, Author: Susannah Crockford
Title: Hunted: Predation and Pentecostalism in Guatemala, Author: Kevin Lewis O'Neill
Title: The Lives of Objects: Material Culture, Experience, and the Real in the History of Early Christianity, Author: Maia Kotrosits
Title: Experiments with Power: Obeah and the Remaking of Religion in Trinidad, Author: J. Brent Crosson
Title: The Privilege of Being Banal: Art, Secularism, and Catholicism in Paris, Author: Elayne Oliphant
Title: Neuromatic: Or, A Particular History of Religion and the Brain, Author: John Lardas Modern
Title: Sincerely Held: American Secularism and Its Believers, Author: Charles McCrary
Title: Make Yourselves Gods: Mormons and the Unfinished Business of American Secularism, Author: Peter Coviello
Title: Profaning Paul, Author: Cavan W. Concannon
Title: Kindred Spirits: Friendship and Resistance at the Edges of Modern Catholicism, Author: Brenna Moore
Title: Making a Mantra: Tantric Ritual and Renunciation on the Jain Path to Liberation, Author: Ellen Gough
Title: Credulity: A Cultural History of US Mesmerism, Author: Emily Ogden
Title: Death Be Not Proud: The Art of Holy Attention, Author: David Marno